Have you ever gone out of your way to meet up with someone? How much easier could it have been if you’d known the most convenient middle point for both of you? Luckily, you now have RendezVu.

Discover hidden gems

Whether it be a hidden bar for a first date, a cosy spot for that catch-up meal you’ve been meaning to have, or just a place for a quick coffee - our extensive database of results can help you find either that hidden gem or the no-stress classic. Our intelligent technology finds this mystery location and suggests the best places to go in that area, leaving both of you more time to enjoy that cold beer or sizzling pizza.

Pick the perfect spot

To help you choose the perfect spot, we provide thousands of independent reviews. That way you can filter through our results to make your own informed decision on where to go based on your personal preferences.

Meet in the middle

Our clever mapping system will instantly calculate the most convenient middle point between two people, wherever they are in London, and even provides you with intelligent directions to get you there. You can send the friend you're meeting directions and then navigate there yourself using Google Maps, Citymapper, or even an Uber.